Everything We Forgot To Tell You

We are just starting out but we KNOW THIS STUFF! If something isn't on here, JUST ASK...we are happy with all questions, comments, advice and constructive criticism.


This is a tough one. We have set up flat rates but are unsure if we missed a location. Message if you'd like free local pick up in London or St. Thomas, if you'd like to meet us in a Tim Horton's parking lot, or trade stuff at a soccer game.


We selected items that had a balance between holding up to use vs cost effective materials. We aim to grow this product line into a bamboo made, eco friendly tree loving vegan conscious testament to global warming concerns. For now we are trying our best. If something doesn't hold up, or you have a great idea for us on this topic, message us!


We know you can do this! However, after a combined 45 years of Special Education Experience, we have some tips and tricks. Our video series is underway. When it's ready we will share the posts of how to implement these tasks, and tried and true methods for engagement. Not going to lie, we use some pretty unconventional voice pitches and laughter inoculations, but the results are contagious.

Tax? What? Why not?

It's our understanding that for sales under $30 000, we do not have to add tax. If you know otherwise, please let us know before we are arrested. 
So until we make it big with millions of sales, grab your products now and save the money!

Why do you two think you know so much?

Because we do. Erica and Kathi are both certified Developmental Service Workers, and employed Educational Assistants.

We have experience in Group Homes, Community Integration, Secondary and Elementary Education, Home Care and more. FYI we have little savvy of business operation.

We met while working in a secondary school program with extremely high needs, aggressive, wonderful and beautiful human beings. We recognised a mutual love for this population in each other. We spent hours trying to develop interesting tasks geared towards each student. However, space on shelves and time wasted searching for pieces and parts alerted us to the need for more products.

While trying to help parents of our students learn virtually during lockdown, we came up with this idea to provide task boxes with video tips to continue skill development while out of school.


Returns and Refunds

OF COURSE. This is all about you and your satisfaction. If there is an issue, please message us and we will make sure you are completely happy with any concern you have. 
We might cry a bit, wallow in defeat and pine for the good old days when we didn't suck. Then we will wake up and offer you the solution of your dreams. PROMISE